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Enterprise 2.0 conference: Boston Notes, Quotes, Tweets 2 keep

Cisco Employee

I couldn't attend the conference in Boston..but I did watch the livestream keynotes this am.. and I reviewed the twitter stream for little over an hour...

Be sure to check out the official Conference Page featuring Cisco's leadership

and this Excellent Interview with Cisco VPs.. re: their participation in the conference and the keynote sessions.

Below are some of my own notes/tweets and links worth keeping..

Gartner Identifies Five Collaboration Myths <>

"Social business tools cant be rolled out.. will grow when become a solution 2 nagging business problem” <>  #ChangeMgt

Summary notes from #e2conf day one. #GoodStuff - < Recommend: Getting beyond Tech Section #ChangeMgt

Enterprise 2.0 Adopts Rapid Fire Keynote Format <>

Good 2 Great People? Great teams, great companies, great organizations of all kinds are... <>  #HBR

HMMM How2define "video appropriate" staff? for Video collab... #e2conf
Video collab requires "video appropriate" staff? interesting point #e2conf

Enterprise 2.0 must focus on Customer 2.0 ... or fail!  #e2conf  #Choose  #relentlessCustomerFocus

'How can I help you improve your business?' Not 'Meet our new social collaboration tool!'

Questing & Connecting dispositions are key to sustained extreme performance improvement.#passion is inversely related company size #e2conf

If Lily can figure out social biz in highly regulated environment, any company can. #e2conf

A culture of low trust, really inhibits collaboration... build trust and collaboration will start. #e2conf

Twitter stream from #e2conf  is really excellent view into speakers and social media Entreprise for next generation. #highQuality

this quote (by whom?) was fave of crowd: "Social media doesn't transform your culture, it exposes it."

The ability to take real time collaboration to record it and index it to make it available asynchronously is very important. #e2conf

humans are deeply social animals: Andrew McAfee MIT Sloan Mgt review #e2conf  . My PoV: this is stifled in the enterprise

Andrew McAfee: old fashion bosses still represent a blocking force with their thinking rooted in 20th century thinking #e2conf

"real danger isn't computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers." Harris Andrew Mcafee #e2conf

Its about people, not process. -- Biggest Secret of Social Media <>  #collaboration

Laura Douglas
Frequent Contributor

Thanks, Jeff, for the post!

Representing the Collaboration Community, I had a video crew at Enterprise 2.0 this week to capture several demos about Cisco Quad and interviews with Cisco executives and analysts. We've posted them to the space within the community.  Check them out!

Laura Douglas

Collaboration Community Manager


Hello all,

I had the chance to attend the conference, really good.

One of my takes is what need to happen to embrace ESS and UC on the same conversation and ROI analysis.

Both categories recognized each other as complementary, but seems that they still co-existing separated.

What do guys think ?

Cisco Employee

Hello Mario and thanks for the comment, 

I agree that current thinking tends to segment the support and delivery models between video, UC, and enterprise collab suites....  Good news is that all of these tools are all being utilized to help customers accomplish similar"business outcomes" via enterprise collaboration and as the technologies mature and interop is simplified, I totally agree that consumption and support will come together... but it is going to be a while for real uniformity in most. Culture, Platforms and user behaviors are colliding in a giant mixing bowl right now..

This is tricky because we are merging traditional telecomm skills and availability reqs, with desktop, server app models like portals and wikis,  and now video service and operating levels...   This will require an extremely robust change mgt model... and a decidedly non-trivial effort in most companies.

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One of the best things I have seen come out of using social business is the ability to collaborate easily among diverse roles to drive additional business. We had an instance a while ago where a delivery engineer on an account was setting Storage arrays and realized an opportunity for better backup solutions for the client. Through our social communications tool at the time the engineer posted about the additional opportunity and the sales team in the community immediately identified the opportunity which eventually led to add on services and revenue. This is a very small instance, but I believe collaboration between roles that would not normally communicate together regularly is huge to the growth opportunity for all businesses.

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