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Enterprise Social - Successful, how?

Cisco Employee

We've got all the technology....

Sure, we'll get this up & running. We will make sure everything is running smooth on fancy virtualized platforms.

Is that going to make it a success? From experience I can tell you the technical deployment is only 1 part in the project.

How are you going to...

  • make sure your users can get maximum benefit from an Enterprise Social deployment?
  • drive adoption?
  • enable your organization?
  • drive change?

These and others are extremely important subjects.. Would you join my new corporate social networking site?

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 11.52.57 .png

Probably not.  At Cisco Live London I will be presenting a session on Enterprise Social adoption.

Want to talk in person, see a demo or get more information? See the information below.

Cisco Live London 2013

       Date:       Wednesday January 30th 2013

       Time:       16:30-18:00 GMT

       SessionBRKUCC-2935  (click my name - DJ Uittenbogaard - to see the session details)

hero_15000_noplay1 copy.jpg

               NOTE: this will probably not be the room used for my session ;-)

Meet the Engineer

handshake.pngIf you would like to talk to me about Enterprise Social Software, Adoption or any related subject please feel free to book a Meet the engineer session.

You should be able to find me through "Enterprise Social Software" or my name "Uittenbogaard".

If all of this fails please reply to this post or send an email and I will contact you to setup a meeting in London.

Live Demo


Live demos of our Enterprise Social solutions will be available in the World of Solutions - collaboration booth

This is where you will see how Webex Social, Webex Meetings, Webex Messenger and our full Collaboration portfolio integrate with our Enterprise Social solutions.

More info

On our website:

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