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Even after the installation of the Microsoft Windows 2000 DST patch (Windows2000-KB928388-x86-ENU.exe) or the Windows 2003 DST patch (WindowsServer2003-KB931836-x86-ENU.exe) the Cisco Unity message timestamp is wrong by one hour during the DST rollover


Core Issue

The operating system (OS) does not require a reboot after the installation of either of these daylight saving time (DST) patches:

  • Windows 2000 Windows2000-KB928388-x86-ENU.exe
  • Windows 2003 WindowsServer2003-KB931836-x86-ENU.exe

Due to the nature of this condition, the telephone user interface (TUI) timestamps are wrong by one hour after DST starts. Since the installation of these patches does not require a reboot by the OS, the TUI timestamp is wrong.


This issue is tracked in Cisco bug ID CSCsi21259.

On the Unity server, go to start > settings > control panel > date/time >time zone > make sure the "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" checkbox is checked. Then reboot the Unity server In order to avoid this issue. This causes the new time change to take affect. This issue is not experienced on the Cisco Unity version 4.2(1) if the 4.2(1)ES patch is applied last, because its installation requires a reboot of the machine.

For more information Cisco Unity Troubleshooting Guide .

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