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Factory Reset Ex90

Cisco Employee

The system can be factory reset in three different ways:

By issuing the xAPI command: xcommand systemunit FactoryReset Confirm: Yes

From the touch panel - Click Settings - Administrator Settings - Factory Reset

From the Web GUI- Click Maintenance 

Web GUI of Ex90

By using the power button (TC5.1 and later):
When the unit is off (power must be plugged in), press and hold the power button
Wait until the power LED goes dark and then light up again (approximately 10 seconds).
Then release the power button and press it twice.
The system will boot up and display a confirmation message on the video screen if the process was successful.

In earlier sw the following method will be used to factory defaulting the system:
Unplug power cable
Replug power cable
Imediately when the green led in the bottom left corner lights up, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds (the led will turn off), until the green led lights up again.
Push the power button twice within two seconds (two short pushes)