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Field Notice: Apple software upgrade recommended

Cisco Employee

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In iOS 13, Apple has made updates to the way applications in background mode are notified of incoming calls and messages in order to preserve battery life. This change will impact users of Cisco Jabber and Webex Teams. To make sure that your system supports the Apple Push Notification service (APNs), you must upgrade your system to a supported release by the prescribed dates and enable APNs.

Read the Field Notice for key dates and details and find out more information on the Cisco recommended workaround.
Questions? Post them below in the comments or join the Collaboration track in Customer Connection to engage with the product team directly.





Can you clarify where the dates of 2020-0801 and 2021-04-01 mentioned in the field notice come from?  As iOS 13 has been out for some time already, are there dot releases or some date triggers built into the operating system for certain functionality to expire?  I tried to do a bit of CallKit research, but can't see where/how these dates come into play from Apple's development/release cycle.  Thank you.


Follow-up:  the date information I requested is addressed here:

Cisco Employee

These dates are based on agreement between Cisco and Apple to enable customers to upgrade to supported releases.


is this issue already affecting jabber clients?

i am running all systems at the latest 12.5 update 2 and jabber latest clients 12.8.x

APN has been enabled months ago

i have been receiving a lot of complains that their phones are not ringing.


Cisco Employee

No, this would not affect Jabber clients until Jabber client version 12.9 is released. The problem in your case may be something different. Please reach out to Cisco support for help with it. 




As iOS 13 is out for quite sometime now.
My understanding is iOS 13 devices (any CUCM/Jabber 12.x version) will NOT face any issues until 2021-04-01, Apple will make changes only after this date and APN will stop working ?
Therefore we have to upgrade the CUCM to 12.5 SU3 to make new ways of APNs working. Right ? 

Cisco Employee

That is correct.

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