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Flex Plan Active User Meetings - enterprise-wide agreement, pay as you grow


Hi team,

this post is meant to describe the Flex Plan Active User Meetings offer.


Active User concept

This is different than the named user model (where webex account is binded with specific userid). This is based on the number of active users/hosts per month.  A user is considered an active user if he/she hosts a Webex session or a Webex Teams meeting inside a month's period. An unscheduled meeting launched from a Webex Teams one-on-one space will not count as a Meeting. (for more details, please check Flex Plan Active User datasheet) So month1 active users/hosts could be x users and month2 active users/hosts could  y users (not necessarily the same users in month x and month y).


Now, let's see how Flex Plan Active User Meetings work

Assume that companyA has 300 knowledge workers. CompanyA believes that Webex services are useful for their users but don't know exactly what will be the actual usage (how many users will use the service).

According to this program, company could say  that ''15% of my users will host a meeting inside a month's period'' so companyA orders 45 active users/hosts (15% of 300 users).

Now, although company A has paid for 45 active users/hosts per month,  Webex allows webex admin to provide webx accounts to more users (even to 300 users if desired). So, all the users enabled by the admin will have a full webex account to use if desired. They might use it or not.


True-forward process:

Now, at months 9,10,11 of year1, webex measures the active users/hosts.

For example, let's assume that active users/hosts measured are:

month9 : 50 users, month10 : 60 users, month11 : 70 users.  

so average -->  60 users/month.

So webex tells companyA that year2 has to be renewed with 60 active users/month since this is the actual usage measured.


So, in summary, companyA paid for 15% of its users for year1 but had the flexibility to allow more users to potentially use the  webex services.  At year2 companyA renews based on their actual usage.


What does the offer include?

Interesting thing is that offer does not include only webex meetings.

Below is the list of services it offers to each user that webex admin enables:

  • Webex Meetings (room capacity 1000)
  • Webex Training (room capacity 1000)
  • Webex Event (room capacity 1000)
  • Webex Support (5 concurrent customers at a time)
  • Audio PSTN option included for dial-in numbers in selected countries
  • unlimited storage for Webex recordings
  • Webex Teams account and 20GB storage for Webex Teams per user
  • Cloud Room Device registration subscription                                                                             (in case you want to get video endpoints and register these in the cloud)
  • and many more (Pro Pack, Webex edge, etc.)

So it is a very powerful offer.

Note that, since all these Webex services are there, you could provide webex services to various departments (Training dpt could use Webex Training, Marketing dpt could use Webex Events, IT team could Webex Support, etc.) and take full advantage of the program.


How to order?

Number of active users/host that a company can order is 15% of total users.

Also minimum number of active users/hosts is 40 (this maps to 250 users company).

Note: We count as total users the number of knowledge workers of a company

          or to put it simpler all users that have a computer).

So, find attached a sample bom for a company that has 300 users total and orders 45 active users/hosts (15% of 300=45).


This is just a sample bom to help explain the concept of Flex Plan Active User Meetings.  Please coordinate with your Cisco partner and your Cisco Account team for official quotations/boms.


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If you have any suggestions for new community posts, would be glad to hear them.





DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta).  For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.

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