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Flex Plan Named User Meetings - best way to get Webex Meetings for individual users


Hi all,


till recently the best way to get Webex cloud Meetings for individual users was Spark M3 named hosts order. But Webex continuously evolves both technically and commercially so today, the new Flex Plan Named User Meetings is the best choice for individual users ordering.

flex plan named user meeting.PNG



Flex plan program can be used for cloud and on-premises licensing orders.

This post does not discuss on-premises licensing options at all.

Here we focus only on cloud meeting options.



From all the Webex cloud meeting options, most common is Webex Meetings and again we will concentrate on this on this post. But  have in mind that you can also order  Webex Trainings or Webex Event or Webex Support Center via Flex Plan. If you want to understand more on Webex meeting flavors, check here:

Cisco Webex Conferencing services - Overview


Note 3:

This post assumes you know what Webex Meetings is about. If not have a look, here:

Cisco Webex Meetings - Overview 


So let's see what Flex Plan Named User Meetings offers:

It provides named hosts that have the ability to organize/schedule and host Webex Meetings

A named host can host one meeting at the time.

Participants can be webex participants (using browser on PC/laptop or webex free app on mobile/smartphones) or Video endpoints (SIP, H323, Cisco and non-Cisco, S4B/lync).

So in summary, anyone can join a Webex Meetings session!!

Meeting capacity is 1000 participants (75 of them could be video endpoints).

It also provides a rich web conferencing experience (including chat, etc,) for webex participants and offers advanced features like meeting recording, scheduling, personal rooms, PSTN audio options.


Why is it better than Spark M3 offering ?

First of all, SparkM3 offers meetings with 200 participants capacity while Flex Plan Named User Meetings offers 1000. Another great difference is that Flex Plan Named User Meeting package includes at no additional cost dial-in Audio PSTN option (Toll Named User). Maybe there are more benefits but these two for me are enough considering their price is very very similar.


Capabilities matrix - summary

Below you can see what is included by default and what is addon on Flex Plan Named User Meetings package.

Flex Plan Named User Meeting.png

Sample boms:

Find attached some sample boms with Flex Plan Named User Meetings options.

Option1 is the default option to get Webex Meetings named host.

Option2 has an additional option that provides unlimited storage for Webex recordings.

Option3 has an additional option that provides unlimited storage for Webex recordings plus Pro Pack features (additional security control, compliance management and business insights).

DISCLAIMER : this is USD Cisco GPL- not final prices and not official quotation. 

If you are a partner, use CCW for quoting and coordinate with Cisco Account team.

If you  are a customer, contact your cisco partner for a final quotation.


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for more info on cisco collab click here -->Looking for info on Cisco Collab solutions ?





DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta). For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.



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