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Free Method to Backup Exchange Server with Windows Server Backup Tool


Database Administrator's first duty is to ensure maintenance of the server and take backup. However, Taking the backup of Exchange Server manually is a complex task. But the Windows Server Backup Tool makes it easy for the DBAs. Backup helps in restoring the data if the server gets damaged. So it is highly advisable to take the backup of Exchange Server.

More Importantly, Exchange Server is the root of e-mail, means if any files get corrupt then it can be recovered from the server, but if the server itself get damaged then you need to recover the database. To avoid such a huge process, it is good to have Exchange server backup. 

So, Assuming you have installed the Window Server Backup Tool and have all the permissions, then follow the given Steps to Backup Exchange Server Data

  • Start the Window Server Backup Tool
  • Right click on Local Backup and select the option 'Backup Once'
  • Select backup type for Exchange Server and then custom options 
  • Select files, folders and drive to back up, Click on OK button
  • A new window will open, go to Advance settings and click on VSS settings
  • Choose option VSS full backup and then select the destination folder to move backup data
  • On the local computer, you can select the drive (size of the drive should be larger than the backup data)
  • Finally, click on the backup button and wait for the process to complete
  • Check data in the destination folder

This is an easy method to Backup Exchange Server with WSB tool for free. 


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