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Frequently Asked Questions: CUCM 10.x






This document answers frequently asked question about Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions 10.x.


Q1. What is Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment?

Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment is an application designed to assist in the management of Unified Communication applications. It allows the user to perform tasks such as migration of older software versions of clusters to new virtual machines, fresh installs, and upgrades on existing clusters.

Q2. What is the primary function of Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment ?

• Migrate an existing cluster of Unified Communication (UC) servers to a new cluster (this may be MCS to virtual or virtual to virtual)
• Perform operations on existing clusters (8.6.1 or higher). Examples of these operations include:
◦Switch version

• Changing IP addresses or Hostnames in the cluster on existing Release 10.0 clusters

• Fresh install a new Release 10.0 Unified Communication cluster

Q3. What is the Migration procedure to CUCM 10.x ?

A: Migration to CUCM 10.x can be done using Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment

Blog - To Understand the Prime Collaboration Deployment and CUCM 10.x migration procedure.

Find the FAQs related to the Video...

Q4. What does the Answer File include?

A. The answer file is the same xml config file generated by the AFG tool. It contains the config info needed for the install process.

Q5. Is there a specific OVA for PCD? Does that include the bootable iso for PCD as well?

A. Yes. The PCD OVA contains the complete PCD image.

Q6. Do I have to delete the ITL files from the phones if I am migrating to CUCM 10.x via PCD?

A. No. PCD will take a copy of the existing cluster SAST private & public key & restore in CUCM 10.x. New certificates in CUCM 10.x will be created using these keys. Therefore, the phone will be able to register directly to CUCM 10.x without having to delete ITL files.

Q7. Does PCD support BE6K migration as well?

A. Not at this time.

Q8. How to change the hostname or IP on CUCM 10.x ?

A. You can change the hostname or IP in one step. In CUCM 10.0, the CLI “set network hostname” will be used to change the hostname.

“set network ip” will be used to change the ip address.

Q9. What is Self Care Portal. Is it another product+server or is it native inside of CUCM?

A. Self Care Portal is, your enhanced, old CCMUser page, if you would like to relate.
Comes native with CUCM and accessible through https:///ucmuser
You may please read more at:


Q10. What are the new features in CUCM 10.x ?


  • SIP Best Effort Early Offer
  • Secure Call Support and SIP URI for Mobiles
  • Option for Endpoint config to override UCM config
  • Time Zone Enhancements
  • PCD 10.5
  • 88XX phone Support

​Q11. Can PCD be used to upgrade 8.6 to 10.X where the 8.6 is already on UCS and would it upgrade to the inactive partition of each server?

A. Yes, PCD can be used to upgrade from CUCM ver 8.6.1+. While you create the task you can choose whether you want to do the switch version immediatly or at a later point in time.

You can find more information regarding PCD in my blog below


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