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FYI: "Sub-technology" selections for UCCE/UCCX TAC Service Requests will be updated soon


Hello, Cisco Contact Center customers and partners.

I'm happy to report that the "Sub-Technology" selections listed under the "Contact Center Software" Technology for TAC Service Requests will be updated with the proper names of the Contact Center products soon.  This change is scheduled to take effect Monday Oct 10.

The major changes are as follows:

- References to "IPCC Enterprise" will be replaced with "UCCE/Contact Center Enterprise"

- References to "IPCC Express" will be replaced with "UCCX/Contact Center Express"

- Separate UCCE CUIC and WebView sub-techs will be consolidated into one Reporting sub-tech

- Removal of the redundant "CVP Product" sub-tech ("Unified CVP" will be retained)

- Addition of new "Contact Center Management Portal (CCMP)" and "Remote Silent Monitoring (RSM)" sub-techs for UCCE

And just as a general note, when opening a Service Request for any technology via, please be sure to provide all the relevant details, so that we can route your issue to the best available TAC engineer.  Always include:

- full product name

- full product version

- detailed description of the problem/symptoms, including the scope of the issue and the frequency

- the business impact of the problem

- the date/time the problem started happening, and what changed around that time

- call flow (if applicable)

- any recent upgrades, major changes, outages, or other existing problems

- any logs, data, or screenshots that were captured

Thank you!


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