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Going Social, Coast to Coast: From Cisco Live to Enterprise 2.0


As my blog about Cisco Live hit, I headed east for another important event: Enterprise 2.0 in Boston, Massachusetts. These two events are as different as the two coastal cities in which they took place. While Cisco Live captures the 360-degree Cisco user experience, Enterprise 2.0 focuses on harnessing the power of social networking for workplace collaboration. 

Major themes pervading the conference comprised a blend of modern wisdom and best practices:

  • Involve HR and Legal up front.  They are critical business partners that can help you immensely to avoid pitfalls in your strategy, especially as you may evolve toward BYOD and gamification models.
  • Don't expect social to go viral on its own. It takes hard work, repeated explanation, and dedicated social community managers to truly gain traction for internal communities.
  • It’s a journey.  This was repeated by many of the keynote speakers.  For both yourself and your management, taking the long view is important.

On the watch list are activity streams, the next-generation answer to the inbox. Social analytics are also coming of age, with new tools coming online for social and organizational network analysis.

Some fantastic speakers took the podium at E2.0. Cisco customer Richard Foo (@foomanpdx), Nike’s director of collaboration, gave a keynote titled “Staying Connected: Driving Innovation.” It started with a pumpin’ Nike video that was all about strength and power as a team.  As Richard sees it, social collaboration is about the journey, not the finish line. With his help, Nike is leveraging social collaboration to keep its global workforce connected and drive innovation.

Michael Wu (@mich8elwu), principal scientist at Lithium Technologies, delivered a brilliant and fun presentation in which he asked all members of the audience to take out their mobile devices and collaborate with each other, providing a special hash tag as an anchor for the impromptu social network. Michael used the collective tweets to demonstrate the power of a social graph. 

The Cisco booth at E2.0 stayed busy throughout the show with the new Cisco WebEx Social as the hot topic. To learn more, check out our demo on Techwise TV. Previously known as Cisco Quad, Webex Social is a new release that brings more integration for a truly immersive experience in collaboration… and E2.0 attendees were eager to see that immersion firsthand, lining up eight deep for the experience. Our energetic booth staffers kept busy for seven hours straight each day.


At both Cisco Live and Enterprise 2.0, I’ve been energized by the customer and partner feedback.  Keep it coming here and let me know what’s on your mind.

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