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How Cisco Jabber solved a popcorn crisis


[Imagine the scene: Alex, a Cisco employee who works in marketing is about to furiously type to her agency contact on Jabber IM. She’s found a quiet corner to work in a cinema management office...]

Alex: Hey Sarah – are you there?

Sarah: Hi! Yes, what’s up?

Alex: I’m at the Jabber launch and the popcorn boxes haven’t arrived from the printer...

Sarah: Oh!

Alex: I’m supposed to be serving a cinema full of VIPs popcorn RIGHT NOW but I can’t without the boxes.

They’re all looking at me, and I can tell they’re hungry. HELP!!!


This fortunately wasn’t the situation faced by the marketing team at a Cisco Jabber launch event.  It was however a mock scenario proposed in a short film to Cisco customer cinema goers with a demonstration on how Cisco Jabber could help resolve this kind of issue.

Want to know how Cisco Jabber solved the popcorn crisis?  All is explained in this short video.

Using a short film and demos, the Cisco Collaboration team launched Cisco Jabber in cinemas across Australia & New Zealand, Thailand, Korea and India.

Over 2,500 customers and partners watched as team members worked together to locate the temporarily mis-laid popcorn boxes using video, IM and voice on mobile devices as well as desktop and even immersive video with Cisco TelePresence.

Customers then kicked back to enjoy a movie preview -- with their popcorn!

Interested in seeing how a popcorn crisis was averted using Cisco Jabber - in Korean? Watch to see how the action un-ravelled.

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@embaxter  Do you happen to have a newer link to this video? The links on your post are not working any more. Thanks!

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