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How do I connect to Webex Team board IP address?


Greetings, I can access our team boards via the IP address but get a username/ password prompt.  I have no idea what it is or the default. Any suggestions?


Background: All of our webex devices are connected to the cloud where I manage them via with Admin privileges.  Our CTO wants a unique wall paper on his board instead of the default company branding I currently have in place.




Hi, you should be able to access it via the Webex Control Hub.

In the submenu "Devices" choose your board and click on "Open the web interface of the device" at the bottom. This will connect to the IP-address of your Board directly and will log you in with your Control Hub credentials automatically.

The default local admin gets disabled as soon as the device registers to the cloud.

This is only possible when connected to the same network as the Board!


You can then go ahead and create a local admin on the device which you can use to access the device in the future, even when its not able to register to the control hub -> not sure if that is intended from Cisco, but it works fine :)

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You cannot connect directly do the web GUI, you have to log into the control hub (if you have access), go to devices, find your device, and then from there you can access the web GUI as long as you can route to it. Cisco doesn't allow users to know the admin password of devices they are managing. 


that said - I just did this to one in my company, I don't see any option to customize the wallpaper, but perhaps I'm just not seeing it (haven't tried this before). 


You can now change settings in the control hub directly.

Just login => Go to Devices => Click on the desired one 

Under "Configuration" you will find Advances Configuration where you can change some settings.

Sadly I dont find wallpaper here.


So you might need the way that was already mentioned with Device Access and Launch Web Portal from Control Hub. 


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