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How to add a new subscriber to the existing CallManager cluster



Complete these steps to add a new server to the CallManager cluster.

Caution: If you changed any NT Service passwords  on the servers in the cluster, you must use the password utility to reset the  passwords to the default by using the Admin Utility. The installation fails if  you do not to perform this task.

  1. Install the operating system on the subscriber server(s)  by using the Cisco-provided operating system disks and the operating system  documentation.
  2. Verify that you configured name resolution, for example DNS, before you  install Cisco CallManager.
  3. Install Cisco CallManager on the subscriber server(s) by using the Cisco CallManager Upgrade Disk 2 and the New Installation and Recovery Disk. Make sure that you enter the publisher database  server name correctly, so authentication to the publisher database server can  occur.
  4. Upgrade to the version of Cisco CallManager that currently runs in the  cluster.
  5. Install the same Cisco CallManager service release and operating system  hotfixes/service patch that you have applied to the existing cluster.

For more information refer to Adding New Subscriber Servers to the Cluster After the Installation  and How to do a fresh re-installation of a CallManager subscriber, while removing all references to it in the publisher

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