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How to Audio PSTN option to Webex Meetings ?


** updated 9-06-2018 // based on April 2018 announcements on expanded PSTN coverage **

** updated 7-08-2018 // added references on flex plan and updated a bit the content/description**

** updated 4-9-2019 // Cyprus and Malta Toll Dial-in option added among other countries ** 

Hi all,

this post describes how to add Audio PSTN option to Webex Meetings. 

(Special focus is on my area Greece, Cyprus and Malta but info for other countries can be easily found)


What is Webex VoIP option (default)?

Webex offers, by default, VoIP option for audio (included at no cost in all Webex solutions) This means, that it allows participants to join Webex session via their browser (for desktops/laptops) or via the webex application (for smartphones/tablets) and then select to connect via audio utilizing microphone/speaker of their devices.

This default and free-included option is called ''Webex VoIP option''  and appears  as ''Call Using Computer'' on desktops/laptops or ''Call Over internet'' on smartphones/tablets.

Call using computer Webex.png

What is Webex Audio PSTN option (optional) ?

There are some special cases where you might NOT want to have audio over internet(voip) and want to use a fixed PSTN line or GSM/mobile phone to connect audio.
Some examples:
a) you have bad internet connection so you want to see presentation from your device but prefer avoid voice over internet(voip) for audio
b) you don't want to use internet at all and you want to join via audio only (as you would connect an audio-only conference)
c) you are in a meeting room with other people and you want to join webex via the meeting room's phone device to leverage phone's microphone and speakers.


What are the user options for Audio PSTN?

a) Dial In or ''I will call in''

With this way, you can call a specific Toll/local number to join via audio.

Webex provides a list of local numbers for the countries that this option is supported

if you select ''I will call in'' as seen below :

callin webex.png

b) Callback or ''Call Me''

This option assumes you are connected in webex via your browser and then inside webex session, you can select ''call me'' and provide your local or mobile PSTN number. Webex will call you on the  number you provided and add you in the call via audio.

callme option.PNG









How to order Audio PSTN services?

a) Toll Dial-in option - included at no cost 

This is in  the past used to be an addon/priced option but new Webex packages offer it for free at no cost! 

It provides dial-in service to 56 countries (including Greece, Cyprus, Malta) which is outstanding benefit. 

List of countries supported for Toll dial-in can be found here (check table2, ''Toll dialin/Included in Meeting'' column)


b) Flat Rate packages offering callback option in selected countries 

These packages come at a flat rate package. You need to add these to your host accounts and then everybody (host and participants) could use this.  List of countries supported for Callback services can be found here (check table2, ''Flat Rate Audio offers'' column)

There are different packages depending on the country case. 

Global Callback package includes Greece and Cyprus for example. 


c) Audio packages based on usage/minutes

There are also audio packages that billing is usage based (based on minutes). These packages are less preferred in my view and could be examined if your country is not included in above (a) and (b) packages or if you need toll-free service ((a) and (b) packages do not offer toll free service). Again list of countries can be found in table 2, ''Uncommited/Commited (usage) audio offers'' column:



So all customers of Webex Meetings can experience and use Toll Dial in service in 56 countries at no cost -comes by default

and would cover most of customer cases in a very effective way - very valuable service!! 

If customer need callback or toll-free services, then customer could examine extra priced packages (flat rate or usage-based).



Extra note on Webex Edge:

Apart from above Audio PSTN options, please have a mind the relative new option we have with Webex Meetings regarding audio connectivity which is called Webex Edge. This allows you to connect your Cisco CUCM/Expressway via SIP trunk to Webex cloud so your users could dial into Webex from their IPPhones without the need to go via PSTN - it will be like an internal call in a way. 

Will cover Webex Edge in a future community post. 


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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus/Malta).  For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.

Cisco Employee


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