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How to change the IP address or hostname of the Cisco CallManager servers that the agent desktops use to connect to CTI Manager


Core Issue

When the user changes the IP address or hostname of one of the Cisco CallManager servers that the agent desktops use to connect to Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Manager, it is necessary to make certain changes in the Customer Response Solutions (CRS) server.


To change the IP address of the Cisco CallManager server perform these steps by using DSBrowser :

  1. From the CRS server, open a DOS prompt. Go to Start > Run> cmd.    

  2. Issue the "C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop_Config\Util\DSBrowser"/editable command.    

  3. Verify the login information and log in. If you are using the Data Connection (DC) Directory, the password is "ciscocisco". Otherwise, obtain the password for the account used in your third party Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) (Active Directory).    

  4. Expand Server Data, which should be in bold. If it is not, the password is not correct. Exit and try again.    

  5. Expand the LCC group (the host name of your Integrated Contact Distribution (ICD) server plus "LCC".    

  6. Expand CTI Manager List.   

  7. Double click the CTI Manager Host X entry that has the incorrect hostname. This pops up a window to specify the IP address for the Cisco CallManager subscriber.    

  8. Click OK and close DSBrowser.

Note: Close and re-open any Cisco Agent Desktops (CADs) that are currently open, in order for them to grab this change.

For related information, refer to Changing the IP Address for Cisco CallManager.