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How to collect logs for MeetingPlace server failures.


Core Issue

Unexplained server or meeting failures, or attendees being disconnected from meetings, will require logs to be collected in order to determine the cause of the problem.


In order to collect the appropriate logs, follow these steps:

MeetingPlace audio server log collection process:

  1. Contact Technical Assistance Center(TAC) by opening a service request, and request for the 'PWOD' (password of the day) for the 'su' user.
  2. Telnet to the audio server, and login as 'tech' user.
  3. At the su user prompt, type 'infocap -bMMDDHHMM -eMMDDHHMM (MM=month, DD=day, HH=hour24, MM=minute).
  4. This will generate a file named caselog.tar.gz
  5. FTP upload this file, and send to TAC, and specify the approximate time of the failure, Meeting ID, any calling and called numbers.

Profile IDs MeetingPlace Web Server log collection process:

  1. Login to the MPWeb server, and open a CMD prompt
  2. At the CMD prompt, change directory (cd) to the Latitude\MeetingPlace Gateway SIM subdirectory (eg: cd\Program Files\Latitude\MeetingPlace GatewaySIM)
  3. At the prompt, type "eventlog >> events.txt" which will parse and generate a log file named events.txt. This file could be large
  4. Save the Windows Event Viewer Application and System logs as a .csv file
  5. Upload this information to TAC, and specify approximate time of the failures

For related information on troubleshooting MeetingPlace issues, refer to:Troubleshooting TechNotes

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