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How to configure an Auto-Attendant with CUC 11.x

Hall of Fame Cisco Employee


In this video, I'll show you how to configure a basic Auto-Attendant with CUC 11.x, this is applicable for any previous verions as the config elements are the same.

I did the video using the SIP integration, but it would work the same for a SCCP integration.

You can review the System Administration Guide if you have doubts about any of the settings, or simply use the Help -> For this page option while in CUC admin

A few things to consider are:

1 - You cannot have more than 10 options in the caller input (0 through 9), if you need more, you'll have to spread them across 2 call handlers.
2 - You cannot capture data like credit card numbers, you would require a Contact Center solution for doing that.
3 - Make sure you adjust the config to prevent toll fraud, you can review this guide:


Any questions, comment, etc. you can reach me at


Hi Jaime,


Thanks for the video, we are planning to purchase CUCM 11.X.  I need to have an Auto Attendant.


1. What is the part code that I have to order?  (need to have 10 simultaneous calls at a time )








The Cisco Unified Attendant Console portfolio consists of two products:

1. Cisco Unified Attendant Console Standard

2.Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced


Step 1 In CCW, start with the top-level product number L-CUAC11X, then Select Options
Step 2 Select the product you would like to configure
Step 3 Select the quantity of licenses for the product
For Cisco Unified Attendant Console Standard:
• Each installation of the software requires a license
For Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced:
• License quantity should equal the number of users that need to use the system concurrently

Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced also offers an optional High Availability (HA) license.
Purchase a quantity of 1 HA license for each Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced server you
wish to make redundant.


Below are part code:Capture.PNG



Dear Mukesh,


I'm looking for Auto Attendant not for Attendant Console, btw thanks for the reply.





just to more understanding:

There are two types of Cisco Unity Connection users: Basic and Enhanced.
● Basic (formerly referred to as Standard a-la-carte) user voice-messaging user licenses have been available since Version 9.0 and include all user-based features such as voicemail and integrated and unified messaging capabilities, as well as automated speech recognition, Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), web inbox, all supported language localizations, Cisco Unity Connection support for Video Greetings (Video Greetings requires MediaSense, which is sold separately), and more.
● Enhanced voice-messaging user licenses have been available since Version 9.1 and include all Basic user functions plus the capability to configure the user for Cisco Survivable Remote Site Voicemail (SRSV).
You can mix Basic and Enhanced users on the same Cisco Unity Connection server. Only Enhanced users can be configured for a branch-office SRSV system.

so if you have basic license, you can configure AA. it uses voicemail port.

Top level part code: UNITYCN11-K9Capture.PNG


CCW Option:


Dear Mukesh,


Thanks for the valuable information, I think this part code includes VM license. So, can I configure and use auto attendant if I add below SKU?



An auto attendant doesn’t need VM licensing. Auto attendants are no cost but if you need a VM license then yes this bundle will provide it

Another great video Jaime, and I like all of the rock/horror/pop culture people you use in your examples :)


Hi Jaime,


I'm watching your video in an attempt to do and configure AA in our CUC 11.5.

I configured the portion in the CUCM. I added and configure 'System Call Handler' and uploaded my recording (it works), but my 'Caller Input' settings it seems that doesn't work.

What I did: System Call Handlers > Edit > Caller Input > '2' > under 'Action' I chose 'User with Mailbox and respectively 'Attempt transfer'.  
When I called to the 'System Call Handler' extension, then press '2' I received: 
 "Sorry, <the name of the user> is not available." 

Another tried: System Call Handlers > Edit > Caller Input > '3' > 'Transfer to Alternate Contact Number' > and specified the extension. Then I tried to connect this extension pressing '3' I receive 'Sorry, the number do not answer'.

I'd like to configure 'transfer calls' to extensions, that are assign to end users in CUCM, some of them have a Mailbox and another not.

I cannot understand what is missing..



Thank you.

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