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How to configure broadcast hunting in Cisco CallManager Attendant Console


Core Issue

Broadcast hunting enables Cisco CallManager Attendant Console to answer calls and place them into a queue. The attendant console displays the queued calls to all available attendants after inserting the calls into the queue and to all attendants that become available while the call is in the queue. The queued calls appear in the Broadcast Calls window on the attendant PC. Any attendant in the hunt group that is online can answer the queued calls. Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher (TCD) does not automatically send the calls to an attendant. When an attendant answers a call, Cisco TCD removes the call from the Broadcast Calls window and displays  it in the Call Control window of the attendant who answered the call.

Note: The attendant console only broadcasts calls to attendants that are set up as user or line number hunt group members in the broadcast hunting    pilot point.

You configure broadcast hunting for a pilot point by using the Attendant Console configuration tool. You can specify these values for each broadcast hunting pilot point:

  • Queue size.This field specifies the number of calls that are allowed in the queue. If the queue is full, Cisco TCD routes calls to the "always route" hunt group member specified on the Hunt Group Configuration window. If you do not specify an "always route" member, Cisco TCD drops the call when the queue size limit is reached.
  • Hold Time. This field specifies the maximum time (in seconds) that Cisco TCD keeps a call in the queue. If the call is in the queue for longer than the hold time, the call gets redirected to the "always route" member. If you do not configure an "always route" member, the call remains in the queue until an attendant becomes available.


Before you create broadcast hunt groups, create the pilot points as described in Configuring Pilot Points section of Cisco CallManager Attendant Console Configuration.

For information on configuring broadcast hunt groups using the Attendant Console configuration tool, refer to Using the Attendant Console Configuration Tool of the same document.

Note: When the call comes in the circular hunting, the call is dispatched to the operator if one is available. In the broadcast hunting, the call is placed on hold and the call shows up on the AC consoles.

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