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How to configure CRS to support Extension Mobility users



To configure Customer Response Solutions (CRS) to support Extension Mobility users, refer to these guidelines:

  • Define a device profile in Cisco CallManager (CCM) for each agent. The device profile defines  what the phone looks like when a user logs in to Extension Mobility. This device profile should have the agent's IP Contact Center (IPCC) Express Extension configured as a line.
  • When the device profile is configured, go to the user page in CCMAdmin for the desired agent. Select the Extension Mobility tab. In the search filter, specify the desired device profile. The IPCC Express Extension radio button should be selected for the desired extension for this agent.
  • In addition, any phones that agents use for IPCC Express must be configured as an associated device for the RM JTAPI USER in CCMAdmin.

The device profile that is active on a device shows up in the CCMAdmin pages at the time that the RM Java Telephony Application Programming Interface (JTAPI) user's device associations are listed. For example, the device name SEP0009B7F7573F is associated to the RM JTAPI user.

The log out profile for device name SEP0009B7F7573F is set to Use current device settings.

The phone device has line one with extension 1000.

The device profile with a device name of AGENT2 has line one with extension 2000.

If you display the associated devices for the RM JTAPI user when the logout profile    is active, the line shows up in CCMAdmin as 1000.

If you display the associated devices for the RM JTAPI user when the AGENT2 profile is active (meaning the user has logged into Extension Mobility), the line shows up in CCMAdmin as 2000.

For additional information, refer to Installing and Configuring Extension Mobility Using Either: Extended Services 2.2; CRA 2.2 or CRS 3.0(2) and CallManager 3.2.

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