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How to Configure DND button





This document describes a sample configuration on DND Softkey template for IP phone.




Cisco recommends that you have knowledge of these topics:-


Cisco Unified CM

Components Used


Cisco Unified CM and Cisco IP Phones 7940






1. Choose Device > Device Settings > Softkey Template.


The Find and List Softkey Templates window displays.



2. Click Add New.


The Softkey Template Configuration window displays.


3. From the drop-down list box, select a softkey template (like Standard user) and click Copy to create a new template.



The Softkey Template Configuration window redisplays and contains the fields in which to enter a unique softkey template name and description. The window displays the applications that are associated with the softkey template that you are copying.



4. In the Softkey Template Name field, enter a unique name to identify the softkey template. for example "modified standard user softkey template"


5. Enter a description that describes use of the template.


6. Click Save.



The Softkey Template Configuration window displays.


7. To configure the positions of the softkeys on the Cisco Unified IP Phone LCD screen, choose Configure Softkey Layout from the Related Links drop-down list box; then, click Go.




8.The Softkey Layout Configuration window displays. The Select a call state to configure drop-down list box lists each Cisco Unified Communications Manager call state for an IP phone. Select the "On Hook" call state


9. To configure the softkey positions for a call state, choose the call state from the Select a "Unselected Softkeys".



Choose "Toggle Do Not Disturb (DND)" and move that over to the right hand side and click Save.


10. Now go to phone and apply this template to the phone


To do this


Go to Device-->Phone and find the DN of phone. On the Configuration page find Softkey Template and select the template we just created and then reset the phone




Check the below links for some restrictions that apply to DND usage, depending on the phone or device type in use.

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