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How to configure Forced Authorization Codes in Cisco CallManager 4.x in a way such that a person can call up a long distance number from the office phone directly but from the reception phone the same caller is asked for a FAC



In order to configure Forced Authorization Codes (FAC) in such a way, complete these steps:

  1. Configure two separate long distance route patterns.  One of those route patterns uses partition A and the other uses partition B.
  2. Use partition A to use FAC in order to configure the LD route pattern.
  3. The LD route pattern that uses partition B does not use FAC.
  4. Include partition A to the Calling Search Space (CSS) that the Reception Phones use.
  5. Include partition B to the CSS that the IP Phones of the manager use.
  6. The CSS used by the reception phones must not include partition B, and the CSS used by the phones of the manager must not include partition A.

    If this happens, the managers are able to make long distance calls from their office IP phone without the need to enter a FAC. If the managers need to make a long distance call from a reception phone, it is necessary to enter a code with the appropriate access level.

Refer to Client Matter Codes and Forced Authorization Codes for more information on how to configure FAC and CMC.

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