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How to configure or add more than two lines on a Cisco IP Phone 7960



By default, the phone button template contains two lines and four speed dials. More lines can be added to the IP phone with either a new phone button template or by modifying the existing phone button template. All combinations of lines and speed dials (such as one line, five speed dials and two lines, four speed dials) can be configured. A maximum of six lines can be configured.

To create or modify a phone button template, perform these steps:

  1. Make a copy of the existing phone button template and re-name it.
  2. Modify the new template to reflect the number of required lines and the number of required speed dials.
  3. On the phone configuration page, assign this template to the phone.
  4. Reset the phone.

For more information, refer to these documents:

IP Phone Models

7900 Series IP Phone


Very helpful!  Sometimes when I haven't done something in a while and need a refresh, it's always good to be able to find posts like these to help me remember the steps.