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How to convert a MXP 1000 with SCCP M2.x Firmware to a MXP 1000 with F9.X Firmware.


                                             How to convert a MXP 1000 with SCCP M2.x Firmware to a MXP 1000 with F9.x Firmware.

*This process will describe how to convert an MXP 1000 with Mx.x firmware which is an SCCP  firmware version   to a F9 firmware which will provide the H323 and SIP capabilities to the MXP 1000.

*This process can be used in the event that a customer may have use and registered an MXP 1000 to their Cisco  Unified Communications Manager as SCCP while in CUCM version 7.1.x or below.

*This Process will enable users to have the MXP1000 act as a H323 Client in UCM 8.x and higher and therefore able   to communicate with other UCM endpoints as normal.

-Proceed to download the TANDBERG SCCP Upgrade Tool Ver 1.1, you can download the following tool from

-Proceed to download the desired firmware, for the purposes of this document we used   s50000f9_1.pkg -Proceed to obtain an F9 Key by contacting the Cisco Licensing Department

-Once you have a F9 key,  proceed to open the TANDBERG SCCP Upgrade Tool Ver 1.1

-Using the top panes on the tool we will navigate and highlight the desire firmware, in our case we   navigated and selected the s5000f9_1.pkg file.

-Next we proceeded to enter the IP address of the MXP 1000 Unit under the IPAddress columm

-Next we proceeded to enter the password, this should be the telnet password (if any exist), enter   this password under the Password Columm

-Next we proceeded to enter the Release Key under the Release Key columm.

-Next proceed to press the Upgrade button, If all goes well the upgrade should start on the MXP 1000

-Once the upgrade has been completed the unit will reboot and the unit will be now running the F9 Version.

-In order for the MXP 1000 to interoperate with UCM 8.x you will need configure the MXP 1000 as an H323 client in UCM 8.x


How to properly Configure an MXP 1000 as an H323 client to be used with UCM 8.x

-Go to System Configuration

-Select the H323 Tab

H323 Configuration

Callsetup Mode : Call manager

CallManager Extention: The correspondent UCM DN Number

CallManager Address: The appropriate UCM IP Address

-Change the H.323 Ports selection to Static

-Leave the rest as default, select save

-Proceed with the next Section                                                        

How to add a MXP 1000 as an H323 Client in UCM 8.6.x

-Go to the UCM Administration Page

-Go to Device then select Phone

-Proceed to select Phone Type options and select   H323 Client.

-Proceed to enter the IP address of the MXP 1000 in the Device Name Field as well as   selec the appropriate Device Pool, Calling Search Space location and other UCM   require selections, select save.

-Proceed to enter the Directory number information for the MXP 1000 and other required UCM information, select save. -Proceed to test

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