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How to download the TAPS.aef script in Cisco CallManager


Core Issue

The Tool for Auto-registered Phone Support (TAPS) is downloadable from the Cisco CallManager Plugins page in recent CallManager releases. It is available under Application > Install Plugins.

The TAPS.aef script is included in the plugin installation. There is no separate package with the script only. You must install TAPS in order to install the TAPS.aef script.

There is a defect filed against this issue not being properly documented. For details, refer to Cisco bug ID CSCsc83841.


Cisco bug ID CSCsc03592 fixed the incompatibility issue between TAPS and the Cisco IP Contact Center (IPCC)x 4.0(x). The fix is implemented in Cisco CallManager version 4.1(4)SR2. The fix introduced a new procedure for how to configure TAPS in IPCCx 4.0. However, this process is not documented.

This is the new configuration procedure:

  1. For IPCCx 4.0(x), TAPS installs the TAPS AAR.aar file on the server, and not the TAPS.aef script.

  2. After TAPS installation, you must go to the Automated Alternate Routing (AAR) Management page in the Carrier Routing System (CRS) Admin in order to upload it.

  3. After the upload, the TAPS.aef script is copied, and a new application called TAPS is created.

  4. The TAPS.aef script must then be selected in the TAPS application.

    The TAPS.aef script is a part of the AAR file now.

For more information, refer to Device Configuration with TAPS and BAT in Cisco CallManager Administration.

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