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How to enable MeetingPlace Web IIS Compression


Core Issue

Internet Information Services (IIS) compression allows IIS to communicate with client browsers (those that support HTTP 1.1) with compressed data instead of uncompressed data. This can dramatically reduce network traffic between web clients and the server and therefore decrease web page load time and boost end user experience as a whole. However, this comes at the expense of CPU on the server itself because IIS has to use compression algorithms every time it serves a dynamic page to a web client.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Before you enable IIS compression, make sure your server has enough CPU power to support this feature without any significant downside.
  2. Use monitoring tools like Performance Monitor to assess the average CPU available during peak hours. Enablement of IIS compression on a CPU underpowered server can lead to a severe degradation of performance.

    Note: If your server already operates above 60 to 70 percent CPU (on average) during peak hours, it is not recommended that you enable this option. First consider an upgrade to a hardware with a faster CPU.

For more information on enabling IIS compression for MeetingPlace, refer to MeetingPlace Web IIS Compression Enablement.