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How to enable SIP OPTIONS Ping feature on a SIP Trunk?





    This document covers the overview of SIP OPTIONS Ping feature overview and the steps for enabling the features.


    The SIP OPTIONS Ping feature can be enabled on the SIP Profile associated with a SIP trunk to dynamically track the state of the trunk's destination(s). When this feature is enabled, each node running the trunk's SIP daemon will periodically send an OPTIONS Request to each of the trunk's destination IP addresses to determine its reachability and will send calls only to reachable nodes.

    A destination address is considered to be "out of service" if it fails to respond to an OPTIONS Request, if it sends a Service Unavailable (503) response or Request Timeout (408) response, or if a TCP connection cannot be established.

    The overall trunk state is considered to be "in service" when at least one node receives a response (other than a 408 or 503) from a least one destination address. SIP trunk nodes can send OPTIONS Requests to the trunk's configured destination IP addresses or to the resolved IP addresses of the trunk's DNS SRV entry. 


    Feature overview

    • With OPTIONS Ping feature UCM periodically sends SIP OPTIONS to every remote destination peer, to detect its availability.
    • If the remote destination peer is unavailable (no response or it responds “408 Request Timeout” or “503 Service Unavailable”), UCM will mark this peer as unavailable.
    • If the remote destination peer is available (any other responses rather than “503” or “408”), UCM will mark this peer as available.
    • UCM will send new INVITE only to the “available” remote destination peers.
    • Only SIP trunk with default type, “type None(default)”, supports this feature
    • This feature is introducted from CUCM 8.5 onwards..
    • SIP OPTIONS Ping feature has been introduced to allow quick fail over and status report
    • OPTIONS message is sent to the remote destination peer periodically
    • Response from the remote destination peer decides if new INVITE is sent to it
    • In SIP Profile, SIP OPTIONS Ping section has the configurations to control this feature
    • Enabling SIP OPTIONS Ping is recommended for all SIP trunks because it allows Unified CM to track trunk state dynamically rather than determining trunk destination state on a per-node, per-call, and time-out basis.


    OPTIONS Ping Feature Configuration

    Here are the steps to enable OPTIONS Ping feature.

    1. Create a SIP Profile with OPTIONS Ping enabled.
    2. Create a SIP Trunk Security Profile (OPTIONAL, if you want to change the listening port or transport type).
    3. Create a SIP Trunk to the remote destination peer and apply the SIP Profile and SIP Trunk Security Profile created above to the Trunk.

    Go to Device -> Device Settings -> SIP Profile and create a  SIP Profile with SIP OPTIONS Ping Enabled Checked  and enter appropriate values for the corresponding parameters.


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    Aman Soi

    [+5] for sharing info.



    Thank you Aman.




    If i disable sip option  ping on sip trunk I could not receive calls from outside sometimes. ?

    What could be problem. When sip option enabled it its working fine.

    I have only one CUCM node  (version:

    Vivek Batra

    You should probably check the traces on the other side from where you are getting calls and figure out what is going wrong....

    - Vivek

    Wesley Levels

    Please verify the contents of the initial post. When looking at the CUBE Configuration Guides


    it says:


    The table below describes error codes option ping responses considered unsuccessful and the dial-peer is busied out for following scenarios:

    Table 1 Error Codes that busyout the endpoint

    Error Code



    service unavailable


    sip version not supported

    no response

    i.e. request timeout

    All other error codes, including 400 are considered a valid response and the dial peer is not busied out.



    Does the CUBE handle SIP Options ping differently then the CUCM? Because the initial post and the configuration guide don't allign



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