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How to enable teaming or failover for two NICs on the Cisco CallManager 5.x appliance for fault tolerance



In order to enable network interface card (NIC) teaming, complete these steps:

  1. Secure shell (SSH) or log on to the console directly.

  2. Enable it from the command line on the server.

  3. Set network NIC failover enable.

  4. Reboot the cluster.

  5. Issue the show status command.

  6. Issue the show network failover command.

Note: NIC teaming is only supported for fault tolerance and not load balancing.

Refer to CallManager 5.x: NIC Properties via the CLI Configuration Example for more information.

Information about NIC teaming support for Cisco CallManager 5.1 on IBM Media Convergence Servers (MCS) servers:

Cisco CallManager 5.x on Linux does not support NIC teaming on IBM MCS. Call Processing provides this information about NIC teaming for network tolerance:

Hewlett-Packard (HP) server platforms with dual Ethernet NICs can support NIC teaming for network fault tolerance with Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0. This feature allows a server to be connected to the Ethernet through two NICs and, hence, two cables. NIC teaming prevents network downtime because it transfers the workload from the failed port to the functional port. NIC teaming cannot be used for load balancing or to increase the interface speed.

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