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How to find more information about Unity error messages in the event log


Core Issue

The issue is when you get an application event log like this and you want to know what error = 0x8007042c means:

Event Type:     Error
Event Source:   CiscoUnity_CsServices
Event Category: Run
Event ID:       1072
Date:           11/8/2004
Time:           12:42:39 PM
User:           N/A
AvCsGateway: Failed to open service AvDSEx55 (error = 0x8007042c). 
Check service status
using Service Control Manager.

For more information, click:


To find more information about Cisco Unity error messages in the event log, perform these steps:

  1. Take the error 0x8007042c and only use the last four characters. In this case, the last four characters would be 042c.
  2. Convert hex 042c to a decimal, which yields 1068.

    Note: If you need assistance converting a hex to a decimal, tools are available on the Internet or in Windows calculator.

    To use Windows calculator to convert the number, perform these steps:

    1. Go to Start > Run > Calc.
    2. Go to View > Scientific.
    3. Click the hex radio button, put in the hex number and then click the decimal radio button.
  3. From a Windows machine command prompt on your Cisco Unity server, type net helpmsg 1068. Alternatively, you can enter 1068 at the Cisco Unity Error Message Finder.

    This is an example:

    C:\>net helpmsg 1068

    The dependency service or group failed to start.

    Now you know that AvDSEx55 did not start because of a dependency failure.

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