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How to find unused Voicemail mailboxes in Cisco Unity &Unity Connection and disable the standard prompt


This document talks about how to find the unusedcoice mailboxesin Cisco Unity and Cisco Unity Connection.

Cisco Unity

With Unity, you can use the Subscriber Information Dump.  When you run the report, there are a number of variables you can view for selected mailboxes. Two of those which are useful are 1) whether a user has initialized a mailbox or not and 2) the user's last login time.  The combination of these two will help in determining which mailboxes are configured but unused.

Cisco Unity Connection

Connection User Data Dump (CUDD) Tool :The Connection User Data Dump (CUDD) is a  Windows-based remote database administration tool available at CUDD allows you to export specific information  about users to a file that can be viewed or imported into another  application, such as a database utility or Microsoft Excel. When the  data is exported, the tool automatically creates a header row that lists  the data type found in each column of the output, for ease of import  into other programs.

You can find the unused mailboxes at Tools > Reports > Unused Voice Mail Accounts Report

How to disable the voicemail prompt that is played when a call enters a user voicemail?

In order to disable it , make two changes under VM profile:-

1.)Put check mark for "Set subscriber for self-enrollment at next login" under "Profile" section.

2.)Put check mark for "Do not play the "Record your message at the tone" prompt" under "Greetings" section.

This will disable the auto message and will allow user to record his/her greeting message.

This document was generated from the following thread: Quickest/Best Way to find unused VM mailboxes to reclaim license

Community Member

I have a quick question regarding Cisco Unity VoiceMail.....How do you turn off a voicemail box from taking a message?


The only options under Tools are:

Task Management

Bulk admin tool

Custom keypad mapping

Migration Utilities

Grammar stats

SMTP address search

Show Dependencies


I ran CUDD and was unable to find any info that pertains to when a mailbox was last accessed. The MAILBOX_ACTIVITY_60_DAYS column was full of either -1 or zero. You would think that out of 1600 mailboxes one of them would have not been accessed in 60 days. Any other ideas to weed out abandoned mailboxes?

Community Member

You have to first go under Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability web portal.  Then you can access using the above method "Tools Reports Unused Voice Mail Accounts Report"


Perfect, that's the info I was missing, thanks!


hadenfeldt, Thanks for your info... works perfect. 

Sony NOC

The problem with this report is that it does not tell you if the VM box is in use via Unified Messaging / VM to Email.  Users could be getting their VMs and functioning normally without ever logging into their Unity VM box and enrolling.  If you follow this report and delete all the "unused" VM boxes and you have Unified Messaging enabled and in use... you are going to have a lot of upset end users.  


Use with care. 

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