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Walkthrough Wednesdays

How to generate Individual Bills for specific users from the CDR in Cisco CallManager 4.x



In order to generate Individual Bills for any specific extension, complete these steps:

Note: If there are two users associated with the same extension, the CDR (Call Detail Records) Analysis and Reporting (CAR) Bills report uses the data for the most recent associated user of the extension.

  1. Complete one of these tasks:  
    • Users or managers, choose Bills > Individual.
    • CAR administrators, choose User Reports > Bills > Individual.
    The Individual Bill window displays.
  2. In the Report Type field, choose Summary or Detail.    
    • Summary reports provide a summary of all the calls for a chosen period, the total number of calls that were made and the charges that were incurred.

    • Detailed reports provide the call types, such as Internal, Local, Long Distance, International, or On Net, for all the calls during a chosen period.       
  3. In the Available Reports field, choose an automatically generated report, if available, and skip to Step 6. Or, use the default Generate New Report, and continue to Step 4.  
  4. Choose the date range for the period for which the call information is desired.  
  5. Choose CSV in the Report Format area in order to obtain the report in the CSV (comma separated value) format. Or, choose PDF in the Report Format area in order to obtain the report in PDF (portable document format) format.

  6. ck View Report.

    The report displays
  7. Click Send Report in order to mail the report.
        Refer to these documents: