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How to implement or configure the bulk-speed-dial-list in the Cisco CallManager Express



In order to enable use of a bulk-speed-dial-list, issue the bulk-speed-dial list command in ephone or telephony-service configuration mode. In order to remove the list, use the no form of this command:

  •   bulk-speed-dial list list-id location This specifies the location of the bulk speed-dial text file in URL format. Valid storage locations are TFTP, Slot 0/1, and flash memory.

  •   no bulk-speed-dial list list-id This identifies the list to be used. The valid range is 0 to 9.   

This is a sample Gateway Configuration:

telephony-service bulk-speed-dial list 1 bulkdial.txt
bulk-speed-dial prefix #7

Note: The bulk list should not be in .csv format.

After these lines are inserted, reset the phones from the telephony-service mode.

This belongs in the file:

34, 9001403248xxxx, Head Office

Note: These items need to be separated with a comma (,) and a space.

In order to dial the number:


This defines the dialed digits:

  • #7 This is the prefix. The default is #.

  • 1 This is the list number.

  • 34 This is the fast dial number for 9001403248xxxx .

For more information Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express System Administrator Guide.