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How to keep voice mail confirmation for voice mail messages and email confirmation for email messages separate in Cisco Unity 4.x


Core Issue

When a Cisco Unity subscriber sends email messages to people with full mailboxes, the subscribers receive email notifications and voice mail notifications, which states that the mailboxof the recipient is full. In addition, when subscribers send email messages with read receipt notifications attached, the subscribers are notified by email and voicemail that the email messages were read by the recipients.


In order to keep the voice message notification separate from email, complete these steps:

Verify this configuration on one of the subscribers that receives to his voicemail notifications from voicemail and email:

  1. Choose SAWeb.

  2. Go to subscribers (find one that matches this situation).

  3. Choose Message Notification.

  4. Check on the Home Phone, Phone 2 till 6, Spare Phone and Work Phone Devices that the Notify Subscriber of: table does not have the check on Email Messages and also verify that the Voice Messages check is selected.

    This causes the notification message be sent to the phone you selected only when voicemail is sent to that user.

  5. In order to enable the email notification whenever you send an email to this subscriber, go to the Device: "Text for Cisco Unity Inbox" and chose Email Messages only. You should specify to what email address you notify the subcriber.

  6. Check in the Only if urgent box in order to specify if you only want to receive notifications for the Urgent emails/VMs.

  7. Finally save all the changes made.

For the Full Mailbox error message and the read message confirmation, there is no way to avoid to receive the notification on voicemail whenever you send an email to this full mailbox since voicemail and email share the same Exchange mail account. So whenever the inbox is full, it notifies the user who uses the Exchange account, which includes email and voicemail.

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