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How to locate the Call Handler to a specific .wav file mapping on the Cisco Unity server


Core Issue

The issue is how to map a Call Handler to a .wav file if you want to professionally record your own greetings, rather than recording them online through the speaker phone. For example, a Call Handler may be called Opening Greeting. The .wav file that plays may be called Greeting _Standard_MrGreeting_071e53bc.wav. The question is where the mapping is maintained.

You want to record the greetings in your recording studio, which should make them sound better than recording through the speaker phone. In addition, the file format of the .wav files stored for Call Handlers needs to be known.


To resolve this issue, choose one of the following options:

  • For the .wav file and Call Handler mapping, find the reference of the .wav file used for the Call Handler. This is found under the Stream Path column in the Cisco Unity Structured Query Language (SQL) tables (Call Handler table). This reference may be changed to other .wav file names.

  • For the .wav file format, in Cisco Unity stores, find the .wav files that use 8-bit u-law encoding for these files.

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