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How to login to a Cisco IP Phone to set debug level





    Cisco IP Phones have a built-in SSH server which enables the administrator to login and enable specific debugs.  For most troubleshooting, the default level of phone debugs are sufficient however there may be some cases where working with Cisco TAC or Engineering it may be necessary to enable further phone debugs.  Once enabled these debugs are printed in the phone console logs.  This other document explains how to gather the phone console logs.


    Setting the SSH Login Credentials


    Login to the phone webpage ( CM Administration -> Phone ) and then scroll to the protocol specific configuration section. Under the Secure Shell information fill in a Username and Password:


    ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 26 08.54.gif

    For this example we used cisco cisco as the username and password combination.


    Logging into the phone

    Login to the phone via SSH. Use the username and password configure on the previous step.


    Once logged in you will get a second prompt:




    Use a built in account of default and a password of user


         ssh cisco@

         cisco@'s password: cisco

         login: default



    ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 26 09.01.gif


    Update --------


    Based on the BugID CSCtr08892, the Default port for SSH (22) is been disabled on the firmware version SCCP41-9.2.1. This port can be enable on CUCM 8.6.1 or above. If not, a downgrade of the firmware or upgrade of the CUCM server is mandatory (so far).


    How do I enable to port in UCM 8.6 to allow for SSH into the phones? Your page is great by the way! Very helpful! Thank you for posting!

    BugID CSCtr08892 appears to also be a bug on 8941 and 8945 phones. Unable to connect using ssh to a 8945/8941 phone after upgrade to firmware 9.2.3.  I am opening a bug case on this and will update with the bug case id.


    As ssh is disabled by default dont forget:

    If you set the same parameter in the Common Phone Profile window (Device > Device Settings > Common Phone Profile) too, the precedence order of the settings is:


    1. Phone Configuration window settings


    2. Common Phone Profile window settings

    Community Member

    would it be possible to interface with the phone from the ssh prompt? for example dialing calls, answering calls, capturing group calls, etc?


    Anyone know the username and password on the 7800s?  I set the SSH credentials in CUCM and I get the login prompt but "default" and "user" don't work.  I can't find it in documentation!

    Cisco Employee



    This all depends on the firmware and model. In this case, for the 7800s, it is 'debug' and 'debug' for user and pw.



    Do you know what it the user and password for a Cisco IP Phone 6921? I tried with debug-debug and default-user and I didn't works

    I hope you can help me.



    Cisco Employee

    Try this link:


    It looks like it is admin/<empty> no password

    Thank you so much



      when i use default for username ,than show challenge: VNYCUKDSpassword:  

    than I don't konw enter what .






    Most Cisco devices use the syslog protocol to manage system logs and alerts. But unlike their PC and server counterparts, 642-997 Exam Cisco devices lack large internal storage space for storing these logs. 

    Community Member

    same problem here...

    Was this issue resolved ? Getting the challenge password here too !!!

    This is for TAC, you used to be able to log in as default/user and THEN use "su" to switch to root, this is where you would be challenged. Now you can only log in as debug/debug I think this was to patch a CVE that existed tbh.

    For 7962 working Username/Password debug/debug

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