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How to reset the 7920 Wireless IP phone password when the phone is locked and the password is lost


Core Issue

Users cannot use the 7920 Wireless IP phone if it is locked and the password is lost.


To unlock the 7920 Wireless IP phone, perform this procedure:

  1. In order to access the phone Lock Password prompt, enter Menu      * # # Send.    

    For other options, refer to Advanced Cisco 7920 Commands.

  2. At the Lock Password prompt, use this key sequence on the phone in order to reset the 7920 power on password lock: *7#9#2#0#*     
  3. Note: For security reason, all of the settings, including phonebook, are set to factory default.

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A bit late to the party, but since I couldn't find any info about my specific situation and I figured out how to solve it, I thought I'd post it here.



I had several 7920 phones with German locale that I wanted to perform a factory reset on. The solution I found on the interwebs 'Menu' > * # # > 'send' didn't provide me with the menu option "factory reset" under "Phone Settings".



To perform the factory reset perform these steps (if the phone has a different locale, navigate to the corresponding menu options in that language):


1. Turn the phone on
2. <Menu>
3. <Phone Settings>
4. <Phone Lock>
5. <On/Off>
6. Set to "On"
7. Turn phone off

8. Turn phone on
9. You will be prompted for a password, the password to use is *7#9#2#0#* (as a security precaution the phone is restored to the factory default settings and English language)

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