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How to resolve analog E&M circuit issues



To resolve analog recEive and transMit (E&M) issues with Cisco IOS  Software based platforms, perform these steps:

  1. Make sure your gateway recognizes your E&M Voice Interface Card (VIC) by referring to Router and gateway do not recognize the analog or digital VIC or Voice and WAN Interface Cards (VWIC).
  2. Verify that your Cisco platform supports analog E&M voice ports.

    Refer to Cisco IOS Software and hardware support for analog E&M on a MC3810 multiservice access concentrator

  3. Confirm the E&M configuration parameters of the PBX.
  4. Confirm the Cisco IOS router and gateway configuration.
  5. Verify the wiring arrangement between the PBX and the Cisco router or gateway.
  6. Verify E&M supervision signaling.
  7. Verify that the Cisco equipment is sending and receiving digits to and from the PBX.
  8. Verify that the Cisco router and gateway sends the expected digits to the PBX.
  9. Verify that the router and gateway receive the expected digits from the PBX.

For more information on these steps, refer to Analog E&M Troubleshooting Guidelines (Cisco IOS Platforms).

For more information, refer to these documents: