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How to restrict Cisco MeetingPlace users from assigning their own vanity meeting ID


Core Issue

When Cisco MeetingPlace users schedule meetings, by default they can assign vanity (custom or common) meeting IDs, such as 1234. Although vanity meeting IDs are easier for meeting participants to remember and identify, you may want to restrict their use. Doing so adds a level of security and prevents unauthorized users or hackers from easily guessing the ID and gaining access to the meeting.


To restrict vanity IDs, perform these steps:

  1. In the configure tab, select System Parameters.
  2. In the Allow vanity mtg IDs field, choose No.

Cisco MeetingPlace assigns a unique, randomly generated ID (which users cannot change) to every meeting scheduled from then on.

When users are allowed to assign vanity IDs, you can add a level of security by restricting groups or individual users from assigning vanity IDs to meetings      that are scheduled by phone. To do so, perform these steps:

  1. In the Configure tab, select User Groups or User Profiles.
  2. In the Can Chg Mtg ID Via Phone field, choose No.

User profiles inherit the group setting, but system administrators can change the setting for individual users.

Note: You must restart the MeetingPlace server for the vanity meeting ID action to take place.

For more information about vanity IDs, refer to the Securing Meetings section of  Setting Up Cisco MeetingPlace Audio Server.

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