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Here is a quick document on things that one needs to do in order to run COBRAS Export/Import for Unity Connection.

Downloading and Installing COBRAS Export/Import Utility

COBRAS Utililty can be downloaded from the following link:

(Please refer the above link for full documentation and help)

Note: You need to Install “Informix ODBC Driver” in order to run COBRAS. Please install the correct Informix ODBC driver based on the Operating System you are running.

Configuration required on Unity Connection

1)Goto ‘Users’ page in Unity Connection Administration. Select an administrator user.

2)Click on the ‘Edit’ menu for the selected user and then click on ‘Roles’.

3)Assign the ‘Remote Administrator’ role to the selected user by clicking on the “Up Arrow” symbol and save it.

4)Navigate to System Settings> Advanced> Connection Administration using the left pane on the Unity Connection SA page. Set the “Database Proxy: Service Shutdown Timer” to a non-zero value( eg. 10 days).

5)Goto Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability Page.

6)Select “Service Management” from the ‘Tools’ Menu.

7)Activate the Connection Database Proxy Service by clicking on the ‘Activate’ button.

8)Launch the COBRAS Export or COBRAS Import utility and login using the credentials of the Administrator User selected in step1.




Thank you for your post.

Can I use COBRAS for export CUC 7.1.3 from MCS and import to 8.6.2 on VM?

Does it work for complete import and export from/to different version?


Thank you,


Cisco Employee

yes - you can export from any version of Unity Connection 7.x or later and import into a Connection server that version or later.  You can also export from Unity (Windows) and import into Connection.  COBRAS is exceedingly flexible in this regard.  You can even import two different backups onto a single Connection server (merge imports) - lots and lots of things you can do with COBRAS.

You can check out the home page which has a full set of help, some training video and links to all versions of COBRAS and the COBRAS data viewer tool which can be handy:


How long does it approximately take to migrate 250 mail boxes?

Thank you

Regards Wolfgang

Cisco Employee

The time taken depends on a lot of variable factors like:

1)the size of each mailbox

2)the link speed between the Unity Connection and the system running COBRAS.

3)the Processing power (CPU,RAM) of the system running COBRAS. 

Based on the above factors, it can take anywhere from several minutes to a few hours.

You can start with migrating a small batch (25 or 50 mailboxes) and can make a good estimate based on the time it took to migrate the small batch of users.


I will let Jeff respond if in case, he has got any test results that can help in estimating approx. migration time.




Cisco Employee

yeah, I get this one a lot - there's a ton of other factors as well (are secure messages being used? what codec is in play? are there multiple language greetings involved?  What about the auto attendant object count of handlers/schedules/interviewers/directories that also get included?  It's not just users...).

It's an impossible question to answer without huge uncertainty numbers (i.e. 5 minutes plus or minus 2 hours) - I ended up putting some example backup and import numbers into the help file at the bottom you can find a while back just to give folks something to work with and I immediately started getting complaints about how different the times were for folks in the field and how I needed to updated my "misleading documentation" - *sigh*

So as Saurabh says the best way to do this is to run a backup (which can be done off hours - it's read only and wont touch anything) to get a backup time estimate and then import a small number of users like 10 or 20 and extrapolate from that... it's the only way to get any kind of accurate idea of the time that will be involved in your configuration.

Community Member

Does this work on AD integrated Unity Connection 8.5 ? I want to move data between MCS server to UCS VM Unity Connection 9.1 ? Does it require IP address of both to be same ?



I'm rather hoping that you'll be able to give me some guidance on an issue we are experiencing with COBRAS.

We are able to install the tool and run the executable (CUC is v7.0.2); however, we are presented with an error message almost immediately, stating that the test WAV file could not be downloaded it gives an HTTP/404 error. 

There are several blogs stating that this could be due to a corrupt WAV file, so just wondered whether you have any specific instructions on how to test this, or whether you have any other tools we could use to cleanse and remove any unwanted/corrupt files? We have a significant number of call handlers and prompts that we would like to export and then import within short order, so any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


Cisco Employee

There's a section in the help that talks about making sure the ports are not blocked and no AV packages are interfering that might be worth looking at - WAV files are uploaded and downloaded from Connection using HTTP (i.e. no direct file access via FTP or the like) - it's not unusual for sites to be running COBRAS on a machine that is blocking direct access to/from the Connection server via HTTP - something to check.

It also downloads a WAV file from the streams collection (greetings) to make sure that's allowed before starting.  I have seen a few cases where the first wav file in the streams file table is physically missing or damaged on the file system and won't successfully download.  That will also cause the WAV file test to fail.  Typically TAC needs to check into that as direct file access to the system is not possible without root access (something TAC can get you) to check.  They then can typically delete the reference(s) in the stream files table to the damaged or missing files to avoid that.


Thank you very much for your speedy response, it's very much appreciated. We will be heeding your advice, with a view to resolving the issue very soon. I'll provide you with feedback as and when I have some.

Thanks again, Steve.

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