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How To - Webex Calling Global Availability Tool 



The Webex Calling Global Availability tool enables you to identify countries supported by Webex Calling.  You may also determine PSTN availability via Cisco’s Cloud Connected PSTN (CCP) program using the tool.   

The default view shows you all countries currently supported by Webex Calling.Sell-In countries typically represent the headquarters location of a business and/or the country in which the business has its legal contract and agreement for Webex Calling.     

Branch-Only countries support additional satellite locations a business may have outside of its Sell-In contract country.  All Sell-In countries may also support satellite branch office locations.  

Webex Calling is not supported in Embargo countries due to regulatory or other reasons. 

To determine the availability of Cloud Connected PSTN (CCP), follow these simple steps:   

  1. Select the appropriate Home Region for your business from the filter’s drop-down options.   The Home Region represents the Webex Calling regional platform that hosts your Webex Calling services in Cisco’s cloud.   Please check with your Cisco VAR/Partner or Cisco representative if you are not sure which Home Region hosts your business. 
  2. Once you select the Home Region, click “Apply” to view the list of all CCP Providers available in your region along with the quantity of countries each supports.  
  3. Click on the CCP Provider name (logo) to view all countries supported by that CCP Provider. Note that PSTN support generally includes Direct Outward Dialing (DOD), Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Emergency Services (e.g., 911), and number portability. 
  4. You may alternatively select specific countries in the Country filter to identify which CCP Providers are available in the specified countries.  Clicking on the countries in the “List of Countries” is another way to set this filter.  You may also hover over any country on the map to see a list of CCP Providers in all Home Regions that support that country.    Always keep in mind that if there are no CCP Providers available, Local Gateway (LGW) support may be used to enable PSTN from any local service provider.  
  5. To start a new query, simply click on “Reset Filters” and select your new criteria.   

Other considerations using this tool:  

  • If your business is located in Canada, please check with your Cisco VAR/Partner, as your Home Region may be either the US or CA, depending on how the VAR/Partner has configured your services. 
  • This tool is frequently updated to reflect currently supported countries for Webex Calling. 
  • For additional information regarding Webex Calling global availability, please refer to the Webex Calling Global Availability and PSTN Overview (Partner access required). 
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