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If a Cisco Unity subscriber leaves a voice mail message without logging into Unity, and if the subscriber mailbox is full, Unity sends an Unidentified Caller message from the Unity_[servername] account


Core Issue

This is Working As Designed (WAD). The issue is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCdy03758.

When a Cisco Unity subscriber leaves a voice mail message without logging into Unity (by calling a subscriber's phone and then getting forwarded to voice mail), Unity is unable to send the voice mail from this user's e-mail account. Instead, it sends the voice mail from the Unity_[servername] account and does not identify the caller.

With Cisco Unity 4.0(3)SR1 and Exchange 2003 integrations, the user may encounter issues documented in Cisco bug ID CSCed31963.


As a workaround, clean out the mailbox.

In voice messaging installations, use the Message Store Manager and the scripts it provides to clean out deleted voice mail and limit the length of time that old messages remain in subscriber mailboxes.

If this issue is caused by Cisco bug ID CSCed31963, ensure that the Message Store Service account has View Information Store Status rights against every mailstore that it needs to access. Running a more recent version of the Permissions Wizard than the one provided with Cisco Unity 4.0(3) resolves such issues.

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