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IM&P/CUPS upgrade from version 8.6.x to 10.5.x fails because of the NTP error.


This document describes the steps to troubleshoot the upgrade failure from version 8.6.x to 10.5.x

Trace analysis and troubleshooting.

Analyse the Install logs for the below mentioned snippet.


02/12/2015 22:31:07|ntpdate query response: server, stratum 16, offset -28803.414297, delay 0.02576

12 Feb 22:31:07 ntpdate[26957]: no server suitable for synchronization found (rc=1).|<LVL::Info>

02/12/2015 22:31:07|File:/usr/local/bin/base_scripts/, Function: ntpdateError(), NTP server sviucmpb01 did not reply as expected.  'ntpdate -q' failed (ntpdate rc=1).|<LVL::Error>

02/12/2015 22:31:07|-d|<LVL::Debug>

02/12/2015 22:31:07|File:/usr/local/bin/base_scripts/, Function: setTime(), The primary node NTP server, sviucmpb01, did not respond (rc=1).|<LVL::Error>

02/12/2015 22:31:07 InstallWizard|runScriptPassive: 512 = system("/usr/local/bin/base_scripts/")|<LVL::Debug>


02/12/2015 22:31:09 InstallWizard|runScriptPassive: correcting rc per system/script call; returning rc=50|<LVL::Debug>

02/12/2015 22:31:09 InstallWizard|Error 50 occurred while adding sviucmpb01.|<LVL::Warn>

02/12/2015 22:31:09 InstallWizard|Security password = Passed -- L2|<LVL::Info>


02/12/2015 22:31:10 InstallWizard|Security configuration OK|<LVL::Info>

02/12/2015 22:31:10 InstallWizard|Internal Error, File:installWizMain.c:697, Function: main(), /usr/local/platform/conf//platformConfig.xml field validation failed during a system upgrade|<LVL::Critical>

02/12/2015 22:31:10 post_install|Exiting with result 1|<LVL::Info>



This is because one of the NTP server in CUCM is not reachable.


As a work around we need to remove the multiple NTP server entries from CUCM and keep only one good entry.

Once the upgrade is done, we can add the remaining good entries as this only affects the upgrade.

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