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In Cisco CallManager 4.x, the Attendant Console works fine with the local admin rights but does not come up with domain admin rights


Core Issue

In the Cisco CallManager 4.x environment when logged into PC with local admin rights, the operator console starts and works fine.  When logged into the PC with domain rights that does not have the local admin rights, the operator console fails to appear. 


In order to have the rights to use Attendant Console in the Windows 2000 environment, change the NTFS permissions to allow whoever uses Attendant Console full access to the c:\program files\cisco\callmanager attendant console\ and all subdirectories and files.

Also if the Microsoft Windows NT4 environment changes security on the registry key KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc., whoever uses the Attendant Console must be given full access to this registry key and all sub-keys if they are a non-admin user.

If the attendant does not have administrative privileges on the PC, grant read, write, and execute permissions on the folder where Cisco CallManager Attendant Console was installed. By default, install the Cisco CallManager Attendant Console in C:\Program Files\Cisco\CallManager Attendant Console. Refer to your operating system documentation for more information on setting folder permissions.

Refer to the Installing the Cisco CallManager Attendant Console Plug-in on an Attendant PC section in Cisco Unified CallManager Features and Services Guide, Release 4.2(1) - Cisco CallManager Attendant Console for more information.