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In Cisco CallManager 4.x webdialer does not work and user receives error "the Cisco WebDialer - Service Unavailable Service temporarily unavailable, please try again later: Cisco CTIManager down"


Core Issue

The problem is a password synchronization issue between Cisco CallManager and Active Directory (AD).


To resolve this problem, perform these steps for Cisco CallManager Administrator and the Cisco CallManager SysUser:

  1. On a Cisco CallManager server, choose Start > Run, and enter cmd to open a command prompt. Click OK.

  2. Enter the CCMPWDChanger command. The Cisco CallManager password changer window opens.

  3. In the Administrator Password field, enter the password of the user that was created to enable Cisco CallManager to access the directory.

  4. Click Next.

  5. From the User ID drop-down list box, choose the user CCMSysUser.

  6. In the New Password field, enter the CCMSysUser password.

  7. In the Confirm New Password field, enter the password again.

  8. Click OK.

    A confirmation message is displayed.      
  9. Click OK.

  10. Click Exit. Repeat for the Cisco CallManager Administrator.

  11. Restart the Cisco Call Back, Cisco IPMA, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Manager, Tomcat and Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility services on the server on which you installed the plugin. The password change takes effect.

    Note: To restart a service, choose Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Services. Choose a service in the list, right-click the service, and choose Restart.  

If these steps do not resolve the problem, ensure that the Cisco CallManager SysUser password is set correctly by manually setting the password in AD and in the registry. Perform these steps:

  1. Go to Active Directory Users and Computers.

  2. Find the user called CCMSysUser, and reset the password to cisco123.

  3. On the Cisco CallManager server, open a command window and issue the passwordutils passwordphrase command. This is a sample output:   

    C:\>passwordutils cisco123

      Original Password: cisco123

      Encrypted Password: 0c0a000a2c42475a

      Original Password: cisco123

      Decrypted Password: cisco123

    Perform these steps:

    1. Copy the encrypted password, which is 0c0a000a2c42475a (using Control-C).    

    2. Run regedit.    

    3. Go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory Configuration\AppUsers\CCMSysUser key.    

    4. Set the DCDPW and Password fields to the encrypted password.    

    5. Reset the Tomcat service.

If using AD, the User Creation Base must be contained within the User Search Base when installing the Customer Directory plug-in for Cisco CallManager to search the users.

For related information, refer to Troubleshooting Cisco WebDialer.

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