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In Cisco CallManager, user unable to change from cluster mode to non-secure mode


Core Issue

This problem might arise if the ParamValue is not set to 0 for the ClusterSecurityMode ParamName in the ProcessConfig table in SQL.


In order to restore cluster mode to non-secure mode in Cisco CallManager, change ParamValue to 0 for the ClusterSecurityMode ParamName in the ProcessConfig table in SQL.

Complete these steps:

  1. Choose Start > Program Files > Microsoft SQL Server > Enterprise Manager to open the SQL Enterprise Manager.

  2. In the SQL Enterprise Manager, expand Microsoft SQL Servers > SQL Server group > your CCM server > Databases > CCM030x (where x is the latest database) > Tables.

  3. Select and right-click on the ProcessConfig table and choose Open Table >  Return All Rows.

  4. This step is not necessary, but it does make it easier to look for the parameter that you need to modify. When the ProcessConfig table opens, at the top, click on the SQL icon in order to split the window. Then enter this information:

    SELECT  *
    FROM  ProcessConfig
    ORDER BY ParamName

  5. Then press the ! icon to run the command.  This lists all the ParamNames in alphabetical order.  If this fails to run, you need to search through this table for the entry you need to modify in the next step.

  6. Look for ClusterSecurityMode and change the ParamValue to 0.

    If you check the Enterprise Parameters in CCMAdmin, it should show 0 for ClusterSecurityMode.  If it does not, you may have to reboot your server but in most cases a reboot is not necessary.

For related information, refer to the document How to enable secure mode or security on Cisco CallManager

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