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In Cisco Unity 4.x, Cisco Unity failover replication fails


Core Issue

In Cisco Unity 4.x, Cisco Unity failover replication fails, and the "SQL Server Scheduled Job 'Replication agents checkup' Status: Failed - Message: The job failed error message. The owner of the job replication agents checkup does not have server access in the application event log on the Cisco Unity primary server" error message appears

This is the complete syntax of the error message that appears in this situation:

Event Type: Warning
Event Category: Job Engine
Event ID: 208
Date:  8/16/2004
Time:  3:50:00 PM
User:  N/A

SQL Server Scheduled Job 'Replication agents checkup' (0x0269243ED0BB074E83EEB55B2D6704CC) - Status: Failed - Invoked on: 2004-08-16 15:50:00 - Message: The job failed. The owner(s) of job Replication agents checkup does not have server access.

This issue is tracked by Cisco bug ID CSCeg32118.

This problem can be seen during an upgrade of Cisco Unity 4.0(5) configured for failover. It can also be seen with Lotus Domino configured as the message store.

A Cisco Unity upgrade that is performed in these ways can reveal the failover replication failure described:

  1. Failover to the secondary server.

  2. Cisco Unity is upgraded on the primary server.

  3. The Failover Configuration Wizard (FCW) is run on the primary server.

  4. The primary server is made active per the failover monitor.

  5. The secondary server is made inactive per the failover monitor.

  6. Cisco Unity is upgraded on the secondary server.

  7. The FCW is run on the secondary server.

Sometimes during step six of this procedure, the primary server logs the SQLSERVERAGENT warnings in the application log every ten minutes. The warnings continue until the primary server is rebooted, this can be step eight.

As explained in this failover statement, the services must use an account that has appropriate permissions:

MSSQLSERVER and SQLSERVERAGENT services on both Cisco Unity servers must be configured to use the same domain account that is a member of the Local Administrators group on both servers. These services cannot be configured to run as Local System. SQLSERVERAGENT on the primary server must be able to log on to SQL Server on the secondary server by using Windows NT authentication.


The owner(s) of job replication agents checkup does not have server access error message is logged when the FCW is first run with an account that does not have the appropriate permissions to set up SQL replication. If the FCW is run with the account associated with those services, the replication issue resolves. The error logs are also cleared.

In order to resolve a Cisco Unity failover replication failure, complete these steps:

  1. On both Cisco Unity servers, the primary and the failover server, verify that the SQLServerAgent and the MSSQLServer services run as the same domain account. Then, note this account.

  2. Login to the primary Cisco Unity server with the account from step one and re-run the FCW.

  3. Login to the secondary Cisco Unity server with the account from step two and re-run the FCW.

  4. Reboot the server.

Make sure the secondary server shows the correct server name. If the server name is incorrect on the secondary server, compete these steps:

  1. Stop the Cisco Unity.


  3. Stop SQL Service Manager (system tray).

  4. Open Query Analyzer.

  5. Use these commands:

    sp_dropserver ' ', 'droplogins'

    sp_addserver '', 'local'


  7. Open Query Analyzer and use select @@servername in order to confirm that the correct secondary server name is registered.

Refer to Configuring Cisco Unity Failover for more information.

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