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In the Cisco CallManager 4.x and Cisco CallManager 5.x, the Attendant Console occasionally fails to route queued calls to an available and online hunt group member


Core Issue

During high call volume, when multiple agents answer calls to the broadcast queue and multiple agents try to answer the same call, one agent answers the call and the others receive the Attempt to transfer a call that does not exist or is no longer active error message.

After the error is acknowledged, this call must disappear from the console of the agent. Usually, it does, but, sometimes it stays there indefinitely.


This issue is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsf28510.

One possible workaround for this issue is to restart the Attendant Console (AC) client and the Telephony Call Dispatcher (TCD) service from the server.

This issue is fixed in these Service Releases (SRs) and Engineering Specials (ESs):

  • 4.3(0.1)

  • 4.2(1)ES26

  • 4.1(3)SR04

  • 4.1(3)ES75

  • 4.2(3.15)

  • 6.0(0.9801.200)

  • 5.1(0.9901.136)

  • 4.2(3)ES02

  • 5.0(4.2114.001)

  • 5.1(1.1000.007)

  • 5.1(1.2000.002)

In order to download the SR/ES for Cisco CallManager 4.x:

Refer to Cisco CallManager Attendant Console for more information about the AC Broadcast Hunting.

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