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In the Cisco CallManager 4.x cluster code, the yellow exit error message appears on the subscriber server


Core Issue

Once in a while an error appears in the event log of the subscriber server in the Cisco CallManager 4.x cluster. There are no negative impacts on the functionality of the Cisco CallManager servers. This is an example of the error in the application log:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Cisco CallManager
Event Category: None
Event ID: 3
User: N/A
Error: CodeYellowExit - CodeYellowExit
  Expected Average Delay: 0
  Entry Latency: 20
  Exit Latency: 8
  Sample Size: 10
  Time Spent in Code Yellow: 3000
  Number of Calls Rejected Due to Call Throttling: 26
  Total Code Yellow Exit: 34
  High Priority Queue Depth: 0
  Normal Priority Queue Depth: 0
  Low Priority Queue Depth: 0
  App ID: Cisco CallManager
  Cluster ID:
  Node ID:

The explanation for this error message is that the Cisco CallManager Call throttling terminates when the delay in handling incoming calls falls below the exit latency.  It is recommended to determine the reason for high CPU usage in the High priority and Normal priority queues (Cisco CallManager System Performance object).

The CPU utilization also remains at the normal.


The code yellow errors appears because the Cisco CallManager enters a throttling mode in order to try to reduce CPU utilization when things slow down too much.

Note: Cisco CallManager tries to save some CPU for call processing.

You can adjust the default settings under Cisco CallManager service parameters. If you look for it and click on the parameter, it launches a page with Cisco CallManager Parameters Help, which discusses the setting and defaults.

The parameters are under Cisco CallManager Call Throttling, but it is recommended not to change them.

This document applies to CallManager 4.x

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