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In the Cisco CallManager 4.x environment with MGCP gateway, unable to make outbound calls. The debug output of Cisco IOS Gateway displays the "Cause i = 0x82B2 - Requested facility not subscribed." error message


Core Issue

This problem can occur if the Telco does not support the requested service. In this case, the requested service sends Caller ID, which is either not supported or not subscribed to, with the Telco, and Cisco CallManager and Gateways send the Caller ID name.

The debug isdn q931 command shows the disconnect cause code as Cause i = 0x82B2 - Requested facility not subscribed.


In order to resolve this issue, contact the local Telco to subscribe for this service or uncheck Sending calling name in Facility IE and Display IE on the Cisco CallManager Gateway Configuration page. Refer to the CallManager and Calling Party Name section in CallManager CallerID Feature Issues for more information.

Issue the no mgcp and then the mgcp command in global configuration mode on the MGCP gateway router in order to reset the MGCP gateway from the Cisco CallManager.

Refer to How to Configure MGCP with Digital PRI and Cisco CallManager for more information.