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In the Cisco CallManager 4.x, when Australian Numbering Plan is used on the route list level, it fails to retain the DDI settings in the route pattern


Core Issue

In the Cisco CallManager 4.1(3), when route patterns and route lists are configured in Cisco CallManager, the Digit Discard Instructions (DDI) settings for the Australian Numbering Plan on the route list override the DDI settings on the route pattern.


Normally, the DDI settings, such as calling/called party transformation and digit prefix, that are configured in the route pattern are overridden by the route list DDI settings.

In order to retain the settings on the route pattern level, choose < none > in the route list DDI settings.

But, in a non North American Numbering Plan (NANP), there is no option in the route list DDI, so in order to retain the DDI settings in the route pattern, choose non NANP in the route pattern and choose NANP in the route list along with the < none > option.

Refer to Cisco CallManager International Dial Plan Deployment Guide, Release 4.2(x) and previous for more information.

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